Woocommerce Bookings Extension – Dropdown Dates

Woocommerce Bookings Extension - Dropdown Dates

In the last week I have had 3 clients requesting very similar functionality in the Woocommerce Bookings plugin, all wanted their available dates to be shown not in a date-picker calendar but in a dropdown menu.

For the first one it was simply that, but both of the next two were using resources and of course the dropdown had to reflect the correct dates based on the chosen resource – of course it had to update when the resource was changed also.

I am very proud indeed of the finished plugin/extension and I thinks… Now this is a plugin I will sell. However, the current stink up in the EU about VAT rules for digital products and such like I wouldn’t dream of putting anything up for sale.

So I have decided to simply sell this as a service as part of my freelancing, and each time someone buys the service they are paying for me to come in and install the plugin and make sure it works in your site.

What I will also do is make an improvement each time I implement it. So for the next person who buys this I will add a setting to control the format of the date in the dropdown, because one of the clients wanted mm/dd/yyyy while the others wanted dd/mm/yyyy.

Please post a comment or fill in the form on the contact page if you want to know more about the extension.

The chances are I built the above for one of my freelance clients. You can hire me at Codeable.io - an WordPress specialist outsourcing site that vets developers to make sure they are of the highest standard.

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