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The last 2 Monday’s I have been in at my kid’s school giving little lessons (AKA masterclasses) on blogging, but I am struggling to add content to this site, especially the latest work section. I am always looking to add the big and important jobs, but when I do those I have no time to write anything. It’s is a vicious cycle.

Doing the masterclasses for the kids, and particularly explaining to them about how blog means web log, got me to thinking my latest work section should be the most regularly posted to section, because I am always working on something. From now on it will be.

Just today I finished customising the ical feed of the Tribe Events Calendar. I say customising but it actually ended up being a bug-fix. If any of you have ever used the Tribe Events Calendar and tried to use its ical feed, you may have found it to be invalid. This is because it contains the Organizer element, but in the ical specs that element should only be used for group based events and calendars, see this link for more information.

I basically created a bare plugin called Events Calendar Custom ICal and then hooked into the nearest filter to take out the organizer field, ran the feed back into the validator and bang – it was valid. Job Done.

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