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PrettyPhoto WPGallery enhances the WordPress [gallery] shortcode. When activated any gallery shortcode invoked with the attribute link=’file’ will show only the first image in the size specified in the shortcode, with hidden links to the remaining images. When clicked the image opens the gallery inside a prettyPhoto modal. The modal images are all set to ‘full’ so the modal expands to full size. Apart from that the gallery shortcode works as normal.

At present the plugin is very simple, as it was written for a client. Over the coming months I will tidy it up and start adding new features probably starting with other prettyPhoto themes and such like. I have decided not to have a settings page, instead all options will be specified using attributes in the shortcode. Let me know if you think that a settings page will be better.

The plugin is now live in the WordPress repository, simply download, install and activate. Once the plugin is active any time you use the [gallery] shortcode with the link=’file’ attribute like so [gallery link=’file’] will show one image as an anchor to the rest of the gallery, which when clicked will open in a PrettyPhoto modal window. See the one below – called with


The chances are I built the above for one of my freelance clients. You can hire me at - an WordPress specialist outsourcing site that vets developers to make sure they are of the highest standard.

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