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Many of you will have heard of the WP No Cat Base plugin, it is very popular. For those of you who haven’t, let me explain what it does. This post that you are reading is stored under the Plugins category of my site, if you look at the link to this category below this post you will see the url will take you to webbyscots.com/category/plugins. That is fine for me, but for some uses and some people the word category needs to be gone. This is what the WP No Cat Base plugin does and does well.

It even works for some custom taxonomies. Unfortunately anyone who has tried to use the WP No Cat Base for Woocommerce and its custom taxonomy product_cat (or others) will likely have run into problems. Depending on whether you try to run a blog alongside Woocomerce, and what permalink structure you tried to use for your blog and for your store, either the product category baseless links will work fine and you cart/checkout/thankyou pages won’t, vice-versa, or all of that will work while sub-product_cat’s won’t and/or your blog single posts will 404. Not great!

I was recently commissioned by No Dots Dev to extend WP No Cat Base to cover Woocommerce. I have to say it was nearly easier than I thought, and then it was a little bit harder once a few bugs emerged, but in the end I managed to achieve the goal. Users who install my plugin alongside Woocommerce (with or without WP No Cat Base) will see their Product Category archives listing on urls minus the product-category slug, it also works with multilingual installs.

The one draw back of the plugin is that you can’t use %product_cat% as the slug for your single products. Depending on your comments I may or may not have another crack at giving that ability in an update. For now I haven’t even decided where the plugin is going to be made available. I am approaching WooThemes to see if they are interested in it, but if not I will probably put it on Code Canyon.

Feel free to leave any advanced orders here – I will give free copies to the first 5 people who fill in the form below.

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