WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown Extension now in Repo

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The pluginĀ I wrote a while ago and wrote about a while ago – WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown is now in the WordPress plugin repo so you guys can download and use it as you see fit at https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-bookings-dropdown/. You can submit bugs or support requests here, or on the WordPress support forums.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying you booking dropdown extension here! great job!
    I just got into two situations that I’d like to confirm with you if you don’t mind.

    1- I really have to set the price, date by date, one by one? I’m offering more 20 dates of a course that is the same price… Is there a way to set all dates the same price by once?

    2- in the front end, the label of the dropdown is “dates” and I would like to change to my language, but I couldn’t find out where.
    Actually, it would be great if I could translate of the information for the user.

    Thanks in advance!

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