Woocommerce Monetary Rewards – Store Credit for Woocommerce

Cart form of monetary rewards.

UPDATE: I still haven’t decided what to do with this plugin yet, as to how it will be released. But what I have decided to do is give it away for free to the first 10 readers who like my new Facebook page – click here to visit the page – or you can find a Likebox directly in the sidebar.

If you are one of my regular readers you might think you have already read about this, but you would be wrong. I recently blogged about Woocommerce Monetary Points and Rewards, a modified version of the Points and Rewards plugin that gave the effect of monetary values. But now I have taken it about 30 steps further and created a new plugin called Woocommerce Monetary Rewards – this doesn’t just give the effect of monetary rewards, it is monetary rewards – so much so that it could easily be called Woocommerce Store Credit.

Similar to Points…

In this new plugin there are no points, everything is money and it is stored as a credit balance for the user. They earn money when they make purchases, based off the settings in the backend, whereby you set how much they earn for every pound/euro or dollar spent.

The user is told on each product page how much they will earn for buying that product, and on the cart and checkout page how much they will earn for completing the purchase. Admins can also manually add credit to the user’s balance. I also fixed a backend bug that prevented the user filter from working on the backend credit management page (previously points management).

But all this is similar to the original points plugin but using money.

Where it Gets Really Different…

It gets really different in how the credit is used. In the points and rewards plugin a discount is pre-calculated for the user based on the cart and the amount of points they have. In Woocommerce Monetary Rewards the user is asked how much they would like to use out of their store credit, and told how much they have available for use.

Cart form of monetary rewards.

The new cart redemption form allows user to enter amount of credit to use.

Monetary Rewards on the checkout page

Monetary Rewards on the checkout page


Find out More…

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get this one out there yet so to speak. If you are interested in using this plugin feel free to drop me a line. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you like the sound of this plugin, or to suggest something you would like to see created for WordPress or Woocommerce.

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  1. Hi,

    Any news about this plugin?
    I like the idea of this plugin, maybe it’s also can be adapted easily to calculate the designer’s fee. Like some T-shirt printing site, the designer earn money by the T-shirt orders.


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