WooCommerce Order Barcodes Change Order Status Now Available

I have just launched my second product for sale on this website. Woo Order Barcodes Change Order Status. For anyone who knows the WooCommerce Order Barcodes plugin they will know it gives a [scan_barcode] form, and that form gives the ability to scan an order barcode (also generated by the plugin) and comes with four actions that will be performed on the order retrieved. Those actions are: Lookup, Complete, Check-in and Check-out.

My plugin adds a new shortcode, [scan_barcode_change_order_status] it gives you the same form, but this time it has an action for every status in your store, including any you may add programatically and any added using the WooCommerce Order Status Manager. For each status it says “Mark Order {status}”, i.e. Mark Order Pending.

If this sounds like something you need you can buy Woo Order Barcodes Change Order Status for just £15.

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