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Last week (or was it the week before… anyway) I released an important fix for the Woo Bookings Dropdown plugin (changing the WooCommerce Bookings¬†datepicker calendar to a dropdown showing only available dates); fixing a bug that was causing the dropdown to be empty of dates. The fix changed the code so that it handled a different array structure in the availability_rules dataset coming from the bookings plugin. What I didn’t realise at the time was that in some circumstances (setups) the old data structure was still prevalent, not to mention I had completely overlooked backwards compatibility.

For this I apologise sincerely and yesterday released a new version fixing this. Version 1.0.4 now supports both structures.

If any of you are still experiencing empty dropdown syndrome, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at info[at] and I will help ye out.

Next on the agenda for the Woo Bookings Dropdown plugin is a settings page. The first settings will be a radio button for enabling the dropdown on a site-wide basis or per-product. This will be accompanied by an additional setting in the booking details tab of the edit product (in product data metabox), which will become available if per-product is selected and allow the user to choose dropdown from the settings where they can currently select the calendar (pretty cool eh?).

This will of course be accompanied by the setting mentioned in my previous post, allowing the user to choose how to handle products with only a single available date, should it be auto-selected etc. Keep your eyes peeled for the new version, or subscribe for updates here and you will of course get an update as soon as the plugin is updated.

Until next time I wish you adieu.

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