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The day is finally here when the Woo Bookings Date First plugin is ready for release. It is ready to be a natural and effective asset for WooCommerce Bookings based stores doing exactly what it says on the tin.

As many of you will know on a WooCommerce Bookings bookable product that has resources, — a fitness gym with an instructor, or a charter fishing company with various boats — the bookings plugin forces you to choose the resource first, then the available dates are shown for choosing.

That is fine for some dare I say even most implementations, but not all. In some cases store owners would feel it much more appropriate for their users to select a date first and then choose from resources available on that date. And that is exactly what my plugin allows them to achieve.

On products that have no resources my plugin does nothing. These products will continue to behave as they always have, with the date being chosen first as normal.

But on the products that do have resources my plugin will kick in and make them behave the same way; it will allow the user to choose the date first, and then it will show them resources available on that date for choosing, before calculating the cost as normal.

Thus the plugin’s name. Woo Bookings Date First. Right now the plugin is indiscriminate; it will act on all products with resources.

Please look out for the next release of the plugin which will introduct a checkbox at the product level, so that if you are adding resources to a given product you will be able to select whether or not date should be chosen first or resource.

But for now please enjoy the plugin as it is

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