Webby Scots 3rd Plugin in WP Repo

I just had to share the news with the 2 people who read my blog :-)… I had my third plugin listed in the WordPress repo, after applying one night last week, I pushed it up onto the servers over the weekend. ┬áPlease do check out: WooCommerce Vendors Bookings Dashboard.

The plugin adds a new endpoint vendors-dashboard to your WordPress site, and if you visit that endpoint followed by the slug of one of your vendors i.e. mysite.com/vendors-dashboard/my-vendor/ then you will be able to see and manage the bookings of that vendor as an admin, and more importantly the vendor will be able to manage his own bookings via the frontend (the intended purpose).

I am already thinking of expanding the plugin, I am thinking that the plugin should make its presence more known, vendors should see links to the new dashboard capability, and somewhere prominent too, but I am not sure where or how yet. Any ideas do leave a comment. I will hopefully be adding a few more plugins to the repo over the coming weeks and months.


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