I have developed several plugins, some of which I have made available for free and some I am selling for a very fair price.

Woo Barcodes Change Order Status £15

As many of you will know there is a plugin called WooCommerce Order Barcodes for WooCommerce. What it does is generate a barcode for each order in your WooCommerce store and allows you to perform actions on the orders by scanning the barcode. It ties in nicely with WooCommerce Bookings for example and events plugins allowing you to scan a barcode (QR codes are also supported) at the event and check the users in, check-in is actually one of the built in actions.

But there are countless other uses for it. One of those uses is for a repairs/maintenance company with various departments, each department scanning the barcode to indicate their part of the job is done. Each department would have order status or statuses indicating the next step for that item, like, cleaning-complete, descaling-required etc, it would be an easy way to assign the item to the next status by scanning the barcode.

This is what my plugin does. It gives a list of order statuses replacing the standard actions in the dropdown, so instead of check-in, check-out etc, they will see Mark Order as De-Scaling Required for example. They select the status, scan the barcode and the switch is done with a clear message showing the order details and its new status. The plugin includes full support for custom order statuses, be they added by a plugin GUI or programatically.

Woo Bookings Dropdown

The WooCommerce Bookings plugin is one of the most popular Woo extensions and one of the most popular WP plugins for managing bookings, not least because it is one of the most full-featured solutions for such. One feature that it doesn’t have is the ability to show available dates in a dropdown instead of the calendar based datepicker. The popularity of this idea can be seen in this WooCommerce Ideas page


I have coded a WooCommerce Bookings available date dropdown and it is available free right in the WP repo – download my Woo Bookings (available date) Dropdown now.