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Hey guys,

**UPDATE** OK good news – the fix is done for Woo Bookings Show Start Date, End Date and Duration. V2.0.0 will be released to all existing owners tonight, and will be live for new buyers too. New emails will be issued with download links for v2.0.0 – any problems downloading or getting old version etc just reach out. The changelog for v2.0.0 is as follows

– **BUG** Fixes limitation of only working when range picker enabled
– **Feature** Now uses WP admin date_format setting to format date
– **Feature** Now runs on PHP only – no JavaScript
– **Improvement** Now works and is tested with all duration types, minute, hour, day and month **Update Ends**

Unfortunately I have discovered in the last few days that my show start date, end date and duration plugin for WooCommerce Bookings is only working with range picker enabled. I found out about this last week, and I have been wrangling the JavaScript to find out how I could make a solution that would work for all the settings you have in Woo Bookable products.

I have finally found a solution. It involves ripping out the JavaScript entirely for a much more stable and robust solution. I came across the answer by accident on a client job. Isn’t it always the way. Anyone who has bought the plugin in the last few days, if you have been in touch already I will make sure you get the latest version for a re-download. If you haven’t been in touch, but are unhappy with the plugin please do contact me.

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