How to Transfer Filezilla Recent & Saved Sites Between Computers

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Well, I should have specified Windows computers, because this guide is aimed at Windows users. When you are working with websites regularly a common tool is Filezilla, a free ftp client. But of course no computer lasts forever and so at some point you will be on a new machine, and downloading a new clean version of Filezilla.

So you may have wondered isn’t there some way to bring over my saved data from Filezilla on my old machine to this new one. And yes, there is!

What you do is go to the old computer into the main user’s directory in my case C:\Users\liam and then to a folder called AppData. If you don’t see a folder called AppData you may need to make hidden folders visible, you can find out how to do that here.

So now you are in the AppData folder all you have to do is go into the Roaming folder, then the Filezilla folder and copy all of the files inside onto a cd/USB or into a zip and onto GoogleDrive or OneDrive or wherever you can access it on the other computer.

Then on the new machine, get those files, copy them ready to paste, navigate to the same directory %USERFOLDER%/AppData/Roaming/Filezilla and paste the files. Now when you open Filezilla you will have all your recent servers, and saved sites right there from your old machine. Simples!

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