WordPress Cache Buster – Busted – New Cache Buster

Wow, I know I haven’t blogged twice in 2 days for maybe 10 years, but I had to – Josh Pollock just blew my mind with this tweet. Not with the main content of the post, which is greatly enjoyable to me as I try to buffer my backend skills with staying up to date with frontend tech, but because he really gave me a way to blow my cache-busting solution out of the water — busting my cache buster.

Some of you may remember (vain to even think so?) my blog post from back in August where I suggest using PHP’s time() function (which generates the current time in unix timestamp format) in the version parameter of the wp_enqueue_* functions to stop WordPress from serving cached versions of a given script or stylesheet. Then reading the code of Josh’s Gist (L13 block.php), I see he is actually going one further and using filemtime() instead of time(). Filemtime shows the last time the file was modified, so using this WordPress will show a cached version of the file, as long as the modified timestamp doesn’t change; change the file and your changes will become the cached version. Very clever.

That being said I have experienced problems using filemtime in the past so I would go even further and make a function like this:

That function checks that filemtime can be called and that the unix timestamp being returned isn’t a failure (if a call for a timestamp fails it usually returns the base timestamp of 1970-01-01 00:00:00).

Then you can use my wp_cache_buster function it in your wp_enqueue_* functions like so:

Eh voila. Any problems with any of the above please do let me know. I will try to find time to create a more complete example as a Gist.

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