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Hey, ever wanted your users to be able to add and edit their WooCommerce Product Addons in their cart? Well now they can thanks to my fifth free and open-source plugin listed in the WordPress repo. WooCommerce Product Addons Cart Editable Fields works on all addons of the Custom (text-based) type, it brings them into the cart even if they are left empty by the user (if they add to cart from the archive page for example) and allows the user to add or edit them right there.

If the user purchases more than one of a given item then my plugin splits those into multiple rows so that each can have any attached addons available for edit. You can download the plugin from the WordPress repo. I will be adding it to Git, along with my previous plugin Woo Cart Fields soon.

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  1. Hi

    This looks good. Couple of things: line 39 gives me an error undefined variable ‘Woo_Editable_Addons::$textdomain’ but if i comment it out it works fine 😉

    Other teeny thing is that i have text fields with a character limit but thats not being respected by the plugin, the user can put as much text as they like. It would be brilliant if this could use the character limits set for the field.

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