WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown Reversal Fix

Bookings calendar

Another update to my increasingly popular plugin WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown now at 200+ installs in WP. This time it is a fix of something I myself actually inadvertently had broken. I had written in code that I thought would show multiple date blocks within ranges, but it turned out all it did was show the ending date of ranges with a start and end date. Not what anyone would ever want, as ending dates can be chosen by the user.

This mistake is now corrected in version 1.1.1. I am also releasing 1.1.2 tomorrow which fixes the bug of the current day not being available in the dropdown.

And then this month I will also release version 2 which will include the long awaited settings page, allowing the user to enable the calendar on a per post or per category basis. I will also try to make the plugin work with user-defined block sizes as well in the near future. Right now it only works with fixed blocks not user defined ones, where the user chooses a start date, then chooses the end date as well. I say try, not because I don’t know if I can do this, but I don’t know if I will have time to do it “in the near future”; it depends how involved the customisation becomes.

Download Woo Bookings Dropdown from the WP plugins repository.

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