Woo Cart Fields – my Latest WordPress Plugin

Screenshot of the plugin

God it feels like ages since I posted. Maybe its been ages since I had anything worth blogging about. Anyway, today I certainly have something worth blogging about because yesterday my latest plugin was accepted into the WordPress repository.

Woo (for WooCommerce) Cart Fields is a plugin that allows the user to create fields in wp-admin, that are added to user’s items in the WooCommerce cart. If a user buys 2x of an item or more then it splits them into individual rows in the cart so that the information can be entered for each item. Maybe I should make that optional and controlled with a setting let me know if you agree in the comments.

Currently only text fields can be added but more types are coming. There is also the ability to make fields required. The fields are saved as information is entered, and validation happens if you save the entries by hitting update cart and have missed required fields, and you also can’t go to the checkout page unless all required fields are filled.

As I said the plugin is in the repository so you can download it there.

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