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5 Years ago, round about this time of the year I was working solely through People Per Hour. I was making a good wage, and I reckon I was probably one of the best PHP/WordPress developers working through the site. It certainly seemed this way.

I can’t remember where I came across it, but I saw something written about a WordPress specialising outsourcing platform, and it sounded intriguing. Doing what I could to find out more, I came away with the email address of a man named Per Esbensen. I emailed him my credentials, I think at that point I maybe only had 2 plugins in the WP repo, but I had a good portfolio of recent work, and Per decided to give me a chance.

I took to Codeable like a duck to water and was soon making a way better living than I was at People Per Hour, more money for less hassle and no having to sell myself to win every job. Codeable was building a brand of having the only the best WordPress developers, which it did and still does. Clients were coming in expecting to work with top-notch devs and willing to pay well for the level of expertise they received in return. As the adage goes, if you think its expensive to hire a quality dev, wait till you find out the cost of hiring a cowboy.

Anyway, all went well for about a year, and I saw that Codeable was looking for an in-house developer, and knowing what they knew of my skills, after applying I was awarded the job. I worked in house for one of the best years of my life, but in the end I missed the cut-and-thrust and varied work of being a freelance developer. So I went back into the ranks of freelancer.

During my time in house I helped to implement a testing system for new experts, and during my time we increased the numbers of experts coming on board. I rejoined the ranks of a bunch of tested and thoroughly top quality developers. They were always an excellent bunch but now there were more of them and an even more wide and varied skillset.

As I said when I was on PPH I felt like I may be one of the very few who was actually putting out real top-notch WP work. I know in the thousands of developers on the site that I wasn’t and I am sorry to all the really good developers working on there. But in Codeable anyone who is a developer is a good one, and if they say they can do something they can do it.

You would think that having all these guys as competition would be a problem, but it isn’t it’s brilliant. To work alongside some of the greatest minds working in WordPress, to see and hear of the things they are putting together, and share tales of my own work. To know they are appreciating me and my skills as much as I appreciate theirs. And to see the brand that Codeable is becoming as a result is brilliant.

Anybody that hires a Codeable developer to work on their WordPress site can rest assured they are hiring one of the best developers in the world.

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