WP Engine Caps DB Query at 16KB

Hi All, I had to write a quick one on this, as much for my benefit as anyone else’s. I actually found this out a few weeks ago now, but I forgot to blog on it, and then the client moved their site to production and the problem happened again and had me stumped again. […]

Bookings calendar

WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown Reversal Fix

Another update to my increasingly popular plugin WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown now at 200+ installs in WP. This time it is a fix of something I myself actually inadvertently had broken. I had written in code that I thought would show multiple date blocks within ranges, but it turned out all it did was show the […]

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How to Show WooCommerce Bookings in Cart as Available

I was asked today by a fellow developer, or rather said developer asked on Slack: “Anyone have experience with WooCommerce Bookings throwing this message “There are a maximum of 0 places remaining” – I want 2 bookings to be allowed in the cart at the same time – not throw the error.  If someone adds […]