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Woo Bookings Show Start Date, End Date, Duration Now Supports WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

My plugin Woo Bookings Show Start Date, End Date, Duration, now supports WooCommerce Accommodations Bookings. This plugin adds a new product type Accommodation, which adds a custom duration type – nights. My plugin now fully supports this custom product type/duration type. It has been well tested. Buy Woo Bookings, Show Start Date, End Date, Duration Like […]

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Woo Bookings Dropdown Important News

It has come to my attention today. That the Woo Bookings Dropdown plugin I created, not only only works with Availability blocks being set at the product level (Product Data > Availabilty (tab)) but it only works with the date range option in the Availability Type field. I am not sure when this became the […]

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Show Start Date, End Date, Duration Update

Hey guys, **UPDATE** OK good news – the fix is done for Woo Bookings Show Start Date, End Date and Duration. V2.0.0 will be released to all existing owners tonight, and will be live for new buyers too. New emails will be issued with download links for v2.0.0 – any problems downloading or getting old […]


WooCommerce Bookings Date First

Hi readers, Sorry for the delay in posting, I have been doing a lot of work lately. One of my proudest achievements of late is a new plugin Woo Bookings Date First. There is already a plugin out there in this same vein, but it uses javascript to change things around, which I feel is […]

WP Engine Caps DB Query at 16KB

Hi All, I had to write a quick one on this, as much for my benefit as anyone else’s. I actually found this out a few weeks ago now, but I forgot to blog on it, and then the client moved their site to production and the problem happened again and had me stumped again. […]

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WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown Reversal Fix

Another update to my increasingly popular plugin WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown now at 200+ installs in WP. This time it is a fix of something I myself actually inadvertently had broken. I had written in code that I thought would show multiple date blocks within ranges, but it turned out all it did was show the […]

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WooCommerce Product Addons – Cart Editable Addons

Hey, ever wanted your users to be able to add and edit their WooCommerce Product Addons in their cart? Well now they can thanks to my fifth free and open-source plugin listed in the WordPress repo. WooCommerce Product Addons Cart Editable Fields works on all addons of the Custom (text-based) type, it brings them into the […]

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WooCommerce Product Addons – Add/Edit Addons in Cart

Pardon the pun, is it a pun?… Anyway, I digress. The WooCommerce Product Addons plugin is one of the most popular of all the extensions for WooCommerce. It allows you to place fields of additional items that customers can purchase along with your products or to add additional information. For example a jewelry store selling […]

Woo Vendors Bookings Dashboard Latest Changes

I have done a hell of a lot of work on the WooCommerce Vendors Bookings Dashboard plugin in the last couple of weeks. For some scenarios the vendor in question wouldn’t be able to view the page, and in others the dashboard would show only limited results, compounded by the fact that pagination was completely […]