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Webby Scots is the newest venture of web developer Liam Bailey, who is actually more famous as a writer than as a web developer, but then again my name is growing in web development, particularly in WordPress development. I have so far released one plugin into the WordPress repository PrettyPhoto WPGallery, which replaces the WordPress gallery shortcode with a prettyPhoto modal gallery anchored on the first image in the gallery. I also contributed on Essential SEO, you can find that by clicking the link to my WordPress profile in right sidebar.

But most of my latest work has been on freelancer site peopleperhour.com (view my profile) a lot of excellent plugin extensions, including several mods to the Woocommerce ecommerce plugin. My favourite and technically biggest was to modify Woocommerce so it could be used as an online personalised card shop. I modified the product add/edit form with a new meta box allowing the admin to enter size and position for a contentEditable div which is overlaid on the main product, they also enter a default text to go inside the div. The end user can then edit the text as they wish, and also change the font and color which updates in real time. I also added a preview button, which shows them their modified card on a 1008px as more like what the real card will look like. They add their cards to the shopping cart complete with their modifications, and once they pay for their order, their text is added on to a hi res pdf uploaded by the admin, and the finished products are exported to s3 for printing and sending. You can find full details of the job including screenshots here.

I have also worked on two expansions of the events manager and events manager pro plugins. I was tasked to build an extension to em and em-pro to allow for split payments, i.e. the user pays a deposit initially and then 4wks before the event they are sent a reminder to pay the remainder. The back end user can control the percentage of the deposit on a per event basis, and the payments of deposit and remainder are all fully tracked using the existing em and em-pro bookings management screens. The user can pay early, as the minute they pay the deposit, the my-bookings screen contains a “Complete Payment” button — the email reminder simply directs them to this page.

The second expansion allowed event authors to set a currency for their event other than that set in the main settings. The feedback for this is also on my profile, not far above the last as Currency Plugin by Stuart M.

All these jobs will be added to the website, with a description in the work section and a download and instructions post in new sections that will be created.

You can hire me directly by using the contact link on this site, or via PPH, either click the profile link above, or use the widget on any of the recent work posts.


  1. Hi! I wonder if you have the last version of WooCommerce Bookings Dropdown available.
    The one I have download from WordPress.com does nothing. It’s not working. But I’ve read that you were about to fix that.
    Please let me know.

    • The version in the plugin repo is tested and working, but it does only work on certain types of availability settings. I am happy for you to reach out to me by email, initially via the contact form on my contact page, and from there we can exchange further emails. If you can include screenshots of your product availability settings and then a link to the frontend view of that product – the product itself as your users will see it.

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